Comprehensive Career Boat Building

All students enrolled in our core, two-year Comprehensive Career Boat Building Program take part in the traditional boat building and classic woodworking courses of the Traditional Program.

In the second year, the curriculum builds on the student’s repertoire of woodworking and boat building skills with the construction of a modern, medium sized boats.  Students will be guided through the boat building process using state of that art practices found in sophisticated shops today.

Students will work with the woodworking machinery typical to the industry to construct projects that are reflective of the quality and style of the modern wooden yacht.  Through classroom lectures and hands-on projects, students will learn the techniques of installing structural bulkheads, partitions, and built-in furniture.

Some students, both those entering the industry and our Avocational students may wish to focus on the repair of existing vessels.  In the second quarter (and throughout the year), students will be taught how to evaluate an older boat, design a repair strategy, and the methods for executing structural repairs. Refinishing techniques will be discussed and practiced with an emphasis on health and safety.

Through class work and hands-on experience, students will learn about simple electrical systems, engine and propulsion installations, vessel safety requirements, and yacht joinery common on small to medium-sized cruising boats.

Industry standards, as recommended or required by ABYC, NFPA, and the USCG, will be used in these studies and practices.


  • To become proficient in the use and maintenance of traditional hand woodworking tools and be capable of producing complex joinery projects.
  • To become competent in the use of power woodworking machinery.
  • To understand the lofting process and be able to accurately produce a full-scale lofting of small and medium size vessels.
  • To understand the structure of the traditional wooden boat and be skilled at producing any of its parts.
  • To have knowledge of the epoxy/wood composite boat building techniques and materials and their application.
  • To have an awareness of the safety and health issues associated with the machinery and materials used in the marine trades industries and to develop work habits that minimize these hazards.


  • To understand the construction sequence involved in the building of a modern yacht.
  • To develop safe and efficient handling and use of epoxy products
  • Learn the skills and techniques associated with the repair and restoration of older boats
  • To have an understanding of the basic mechanical and electrical systems found on small to medium size cruising yachts and the process of installing them.

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